Sunday, July 9, 2017

water water everywhere

Leaving Bibijanit Lake after breakfast we tackled the most difficult part of the trek - Alauddin Pass. (3860M) By this time Paul was suffering from 'the runs' and my chest was getting more and more painful.

We had a 960M ascent along a zigg-zagging path that seemed to go on forever. We needed numerous stops for water, snacks and to catch our breath. From halfway up to the pass we could get a great backward view of Kulikalon, the glacier and mountains.

Once at the top we had a spectacular view down to Alauddin lake and Guitar Lake.

The descent was as bad as the ascent - 1,200m down a twisting, dusty and slippery path.

We found a beautiful quiet spot for our tent, and there were very few people about the place. While I set up the tent Paul was already off around the lake taking photos. We had two nights at Alauddin which gave us the opportunity to explore the surrounds and to spend a good deal of time around Guitar Lake - it seems that every lake we visit is more beautiful than the last.

Guitar Lake was so isolated and quiet that Paul and I ventured for a skinny dip. The water was FREEZING!!

Weather was perfect and we loved the location. When we left we followed the system lakes down to our last night at Camp Vertical.

The final lakes on the trek were Iskanderkul (Alexander Lake - named after Alexander the Great who was believed to have settled here for a while with his army and fought the local tribes) and Snake Lake (due to the presence of....ummm snakes.)

Again I will let the photos do the talking!

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Hannah said...

Absolutely stunning, what an amazing part of the world. So exciting to get a glimpse into a region we rarely see. thank you!!