Tuesday, March 8, 2011

move along...nothing to see...

I haven't added to the blog in a while as there has been nothing worth blogging!

Haven't had the opportunity to go anywhere.

But on Thursday night a friend forgot an important piece of equipment he needed to take with him to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and it turned out it was cheaper (and quicker) for me to fly up with it than to procure the services of a courier company.

And as another friend recently remarked to me "You're a travel-whore" - anyone who waves a free air ticket in front of me - I'm off! So I had an unexpected and enjoyable long weekend away in Noosa.

I now have several friends living in that area, so there was plenty to do, despite the generally poor weather. ("Sunshine Coast??? Really??")

I stayed at a friends in Noosaville and on the Monday I borrowed a bicycle and rode around Noosa. I then headed around the Spit reserve and as the weather suddenly turned hot and the sun appeared sporadically, I found a quiet spot and took a secluded swim (as I'd forgotten my budgie-smugglers in Sydney).

I also went to visit another couple of friends who have just made a "tree-change" from Brisbane to the outskirts of Cooroy, which is about 30km west of Noosa. They have a sprawling house on top of a hill with 5 acres, pool and dam, chickens, fruit trees and chooks. The view from their place was terrific - undulating grassy hills, small green mountains in the distance and the nearest neighbours' tin roofs barely visible in the distance. It is the sort of place I'd be more than happy to settle down in.

All in all a nice quick little getaway.

panorama from noosa spit - the 'stitch' programme doesn't like waves and fast moving clouds so it's a bit of a bad job!


Ginny said...

Glad you got away at least for a bit

Dave Pryce said...

Hi Terry

Thanks for the comment it is great to hear from you. I owe you one for getting me blogging. It has added an interesting aspect to the journey. I am heading to Sydney in September and would love to catch up. Have fun and take care.

Cheers Dave