Sunday, February 15, 2009


is the number of visitors to this blog as of today.

I lost the page counter on the blog's first page and don't know why it stopped working after 18 months or so. Fortunately I have also been running a smart little programme called "Google Analytics" which allows me to track the blog site via an interesting collection of varying data. (Interesting that is for those types that find numbers and graphs interesting!)

Although it does NOT allow me to know WHO is accessing the blog it can tell me some interesting things such as in the last 3 months:

- there were 1,288 visitors

- 57% were first time visitors
- 30% had visited 200 times or more (THAT surprised me!)

- they came from 454 different cities around the world

cities accessing the blog

- 69% used Firefox whilst
- 25% used Internet Explorer

- search engine keywords that led them to the blog included:

* "closing down" "soaps" "guest soaps"
* has anybody driven from vinales to trinidad?
* blundstone boots dangerous in icy conditions

It's a relief to know there are actually people out there looking!!

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Ginny said...

Popular doesn't really cover it! I am not surprised that you have gained a whole new audience, when does the book come out? Hope to see you at school next week as I'm in replacing myself.