Sunday, June 24, 2007

old blighty

Arrived in London last night from Bergen and was met at the airport by friends. Heathrow was chaotic - I realised this is the first time in yonks that I have been to Europe in peak season - and it's not a pretty sight. An airport baggage handlers strike was called in Oslo whilst I was sitting on the plane in Bergen waiting to take off. We initially thought we would be stranded on the plane for hours but they managed to resolve it within 40 minutes so I didn't have to make polite conversation with the excruciatingly boring Norwegian I had to sit next to on the plane. He had an enormous amount to say about the intricacies of the Norwegian fishing industry and I made the mistake of looking interested. And so I was able to make my London connection with about 30 minutes to spare.

Bergen was very relaxing despite my friends only having moved into their new house 4 days before and it being in the middle of major renovations. I enjoyed a nice mix of meeting old friends, walking the back streets of the city and taking a stroll up in the mountains in uncommonly hot and dry weather. I love Bergen - it is just the right sized city and having been there around 10 times now, it feels like a second home. (This is largely due to the wonderful hospitality of my friends there who make me feel like part of the family)

I am here in London for just a few days and then I head to Mexico.

a few more pictures from Bergen:

stencil graffiti

bergen rooftops

up in the mountains

novel parking solution

friends' holiday cottage (built c.1780's)


Muzbot said...

Yeah, Heathrow is a crap airport. Hi TC, have been thinking about you frequently. Glad you're having a great time. Love the pics.

folly said...

this lot of messages massages my very tired head.
I've finished teaching forever and love you and your posts

( why do I have to verify words all the time - do they feel false)