Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Here is a sample of photos from the trip so far. I can't tell what they look like as I have sun blazing through the window on my monitor. So here's hoping.

Bergen in Western Norway is enjoying spiffing good weather so I'm out wandering the cobbled streets in just a white bond's T-shirt (no surprises there.) It's peak season so the place is full of damned tourists.

I am here until Saturday catching up with friends before I head to London

blue lagoon

blue lagoon

stencil art

reykjavik cathedral

reykjavik house


walked behind this waterfall


hexagonal crystal rock formations

south coast of iceland

if it looks like a tree.....

the duck

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

holding 12,000 year old ice and looking for a 12,000 year old vodka and tonic

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

do i look cold?

terry at iceberg lake thinking of hot chocolate

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon lake

jokulsarlon glacier southern iceland

jokulsarlon glacier

volcanic desert through speeding bus window

more of the above

getting misty at skogafoss


keri(th) crater

another waterfall

geyser at geyser

terry at gulfoss


steam vent in a lava field

typical landscape in iceland

reykjavik sculpture

fishing port on snæfellnes peninsula

the black beach

close up of the black beach

more landscape

boats reykjavik harbour

reykjavik harbour

indicative of an island with a small gene pool

vigeland sculpture frogner park

vigeland fountain

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