Monday, June 4, 2007

camera lucid

By way of researching my travel itinerary I stumbled across the website of a Polish photographer called Bartek Pogoda.

What I found was a man with an extraordinary talent not just for taking photographs, but someone with an exquisite eye for drama and narrative across a variety of photographic genres.

Many of his images capture scenes recognizable to many of us who have travelled, and yet show an oblique angle, a peculiar perspective, a brooding atmosphere or an amusing mise en scene that reinterprets the familiar in a fresh yet often disarming way.

He seems adept and comfortable with both colour and black and white and his subject matter is as varied as life itself.

I enjoyed his work so much I thought that maybe you might too.

I have added a link to his "Best of" selection - and if you found those to your liking and wish as I did for more, there is also THIS link to his web journal where there are countless more (Dont worry about reading his daily entries unless you are fluent in Polish!)

It was difficult to choose - but here a a few samples I've included with Bartek's permission:

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