Friday, June 29, 2007

ay ay ay ay meh hico

I really must make amends for that previous comment about United. I was tired, I was hungry, I realise I expected too much in terms of basic service. My next flight to Cancun was a considerable improvement - I like the leg room of United planes and the aisles are extra wide to accomodate the flight attendants zimmer frames.

Now you might think I´m being facetious but here are some facts for you from my flight. There were three ´stewies´ on board and their combined ages exceded 210 years. Seriously - I know that for a fact.

Our sole male steward is the longest serving male steward in the airline - possibly in ALL airlines in ALL the world having clocked up 58 years in the job. He was the first male flight attendant, and he and his wife the first married couple attendants. I had a chat with Ron - he was a great bloke, totally active and fit and just loved the job. Kudos to United for letting him stay at work.

I have now managed to meet up with Jane and Shane and we have driven from Cancun to Valladolid in a little red tin can across some of the most mundane scenery imaginable. Trees. Just trees. Each one exactly the same size, colour and shape as the others.

However our first stop was a place called Ek Balam - a Mayan temple in the jungle, remote and little visited. In fact when we arrived there were only 2 other people there and they were leaving. It´s how I like my ruins - deserted.

We left there for its antithesis - Chichen Itza - a magnificent site - probably the best Mayan ruins in the Yucatan but it was January sales at Grace Brothers moved to Christmas Eve with a closing down fire sale and 50% off everything in the store. Shane took great delight in eavesdropping on the Japanese tour guides the clever bugger.

There is not much I can say about Chichen Itza best look at some pictures and Google it if you wanna know more!

We are currently in Merida in the state of Campeche and its very wet with about 150% humidity. I´m dog paddling as I type.

I´ve eaten so many jalapeno chilies and refried beans it´s probably just as well I have my own room.

a sign on a door in my hotel - it made me laugh

the amazing Ron

the terrible trio reunited

a cenote - a freshwater sinkhole

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