Friday, June 15, 2007

its not called iceland for nothing

Current mood: Brrrrrrrrrr....

I spent the morning with the whales. Out in the Atlantic watching minke whales doing their whale thing which was pretty amazing. Considering only yesterday (according to my body clock)I was having a coffee in Sydney. Which was followed by tea in Bangkok, a bottle of water in Stockholm and several more VERY strong short blacks in Oslo.

I had enough time in Oslo to also wander around Frogner Park (home of the lifes work of Norways answer to Rodin - Gustav Vigeland)and have a mate Eric drive me around Oslo in his Lotus. (which is a flash car by the way as well as a flower)

I have also wandered extensively around the streets of Reykjavik which necessitated the wearing of thermal underwear. And this is summer?

I just discovered this keyboard has a rune where the question mark should be - it is this: þ which is pronounced 'th´ as in thing. They also have this: Ð of which I have no idea at all.

Well that is all for my first post - I will try and download a few pix very soon - but as internet here is $10 for 15 minutes I have to keep it brief.

More soon.


Anonymous said...


so, were really enjoying your blogspot back here at NSG.

We even left a bubble in the bubble bowl, thanking you for sharing your unique drying techniques.

well have fun in guatemala.

try not to miss us too much

Yours Cordially
Year 9 Art

TC said...

Hey yr 9 - bubble bowl? Is this code? Or something I should know about and forgotten? (I am currently exhausted - see tues 26th post for explanation so not thinking too clearly.) I hope the houses are coming along well without too many disasters! Im in Mexico tomorrow and then Cuba in about a week. See youse....