Saturday, July 22, 2017

missing mockba

We weren't supposed to be in Moscow.

Originally we had a three hour layover with S7 Airlines (Russia's version of Jetstar - and super crap too!) A month before we left for our trip the airline sent us an email to say they had cancelled the flight and we would have to fly 24 hours later. In retrospect it was not surprising as every S7 flight we had was either cancelled or delayed.

The flight from Novosibirsk to Moscow was a hoot - as the plane touched down in Moscow and the brakes went on - all of a sudden the plane accelerated again and took off! We had to circle Moscow and land again. Paul thought perhaps we had a learner driver!!

Choosing NOT to spend 27 hours in Moscow airport we had to try and quickly organise Russian visas. 'Quickly' and 'Russian Visas' are mutually exclusive terms. But we managed.

I was prepared to dislike Moscow very much but much to my chagrin I loved it!

Though misty and wet when we arrived, within a few hours the sun came out and the day just got betterer and betterer.

By the time we left we both wished we had had a few more days there. Oh well -  I will see it again when I return to see St. Petersburg one day.

St. Basil's:

Cathedral Of The Icon Of The Mother Of God The Sign:

Panorama of Moskva River with the Kremlin on the right:

Unknown church domes:

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