Saturday, November 3, 2012

barcelona again

Of course you cannot visit Barcelona without checking out the extraordinary Sagrada Familia - the cathedral designed by Gaudi and still under major construction since its beginnings in 1882. Initially I planned to go inside despite the high entry fee (museums across Barcelona are quite expensive) as the entry fee provides most of the money for its ongoing building work.

Unforunately I chose the first sunny day after a period of rain which also happened to be a national holiday and the Serpentine queue around the cathedral from the ticket office went almost as far as Seville. So I settled for external appreciation only:

Gaudi's influence is quite apparent in the city - even down to his design for paving tiles:


Also worth a visit is Park Guell in the north of the city. It houses a Gaudi museum and his work is dotted around the park:

gaudi goanna

gaudi benches

Amongst the 7 major galleries/museums I went to was the Antoni Tapies foundation. He was until his death earlier this year, the most prominent living Catalan artist:

tapies painting

tapies work on paper

I also went to one of the contemporary galleries which had part of it closed for an installation dismantling, and the open section didn't really thrill me so instead I took some photos of inside the gallery (and some looking out):

red coat

people walking on the floor above

people walking on the floor above 2

people walking on the floor above 3

gallery window

gallery packing area

outside skateboarders

outside skateboarders 2

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