Wednesday, November 14, 2012

that place i can't say...

I gave up pretty quickly I have to say.

Usually up for a challenge, this time I knew I'd been beaten.

It's all about pronunciation you see, and my next port of call - Wrocław. If you thought it was 'Rock-law' think again.

If you understand phonetics (and why that doesn't start with an 'f' is beyond me) then this might help:  [ˈvrɔt͡swaf]

Consequently, in conversation it became referred to as "that place I can't say."

I might add - this difficulty extends to a large proportion of Polish words which, quite frankly, has far too many consonants including ones that just shouldn't be beside one another. In a spirit of linguistic benevolence I think Hawaiian should donate some of its vowels to Polish.

But language aside, Wrocław turned out to be a little gem of a place. I can't vouch for its swinging nightlife or availability of extreme sports but historically and architecturally its has a pretty cool medieval old town.

And it had the BEST hostel I've yet had the pleasure of staying in. Not only was there two well stocked kitchens (including an espresso machine - see me grin), new ikea wardrobes (you'd have to have experienced hostel wardrobes to understand) playstations, wi-fi in all rooms and deoderant sprays in the toilet, but it is the only hostel I have ever seen that has a childrens playroom.

It helped alleviate the suffering from the intense cold that I am beginning to experience. Time to drag out some of the trekking thermal gear.

wrocław cathedral

wrocław cathedral too

flower sellers

wrocław main square

wrocław main square again

guess where? correct

one more

night lights

enscribed couples' padlocks signifying desires of long lasting relationships.

example of wrocław public sculpture

there's always one...

wrocław mural

wrocław theatre

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