Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ran and kara - cool

A short day's driving today as we set off from Murghab to Rangkul on the Chinese/Tajikistan border.
The scenery was once again beautiful with colourful mountains, and fantastic reflections in the lakes.

Rangkul itself was an extremely basic village. Mud brick houses, and electricity for a couple of hours in the evening. It seemed almost deserted

Many of the houses did not even have glass in the windows - resorting instead to clear plastic.

In the distance could be seen the wonderful snow capped dome of Muztagh Ata, a large mountain in Western China that loomed on the horizon almost all of the way from Murghab. On the extreme right in the distance we could also see some of the Pakistan mountains from the Hindu Kush.

The best word to describe this area is : bleak!

Rangkul Lake:

Lunch in the guesthouse:

Outside loo:

Yurt with mod con's:

After we left Rangkul we backtracked a little then headed north on the Pamir Highway to Lake Karakul, the largest lake in Tajikistan.

Karakul Lake:

Our accommodation for the night:

In both Rangkul and Karakul I found an array of fascinating gates, doors and windows that could almost pass as pieces of Abstract Art:

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