Wednesday, July 5, 2017

i go out walking

When we arrived at Autuch, after settling into our room, we took a hike up into the hills behind the village to a small lake called Chuqrak. A couple of hours later we returned for dinner and an early night.

The next morning we met our guide as well as our donkey leader. (Our tents, food and gear were being carried by a couple of donkeys leaving us with just our day packs.) Then we set off.

Today's hike was only a few hours and was relatively easy. A few ups and downs with nothing overly strenuous. I had been developing some chest pain (right side) over the last few days which was getting more pronounced the more I exerted myself. I took it as not being in the best physical shape!

Not long after lunchtime we arrived at Kulikalon - a beautiful lake in the mountains which was almost deserted. We found a great spot by the lake for our tent and then went off for a wander.

The following day we walked a mere hour or so through a beautiful landscape alongside Forest lake which looked as if it had been designed by a Japanese landscape architect. Passing this by we settled for a spot beside another nearby lake called Bibijanit. Here we camped for the night.

About an hour or so hike up into a nearby hill we found another beautiful double lake called Dushokha Lake.

Following are a selection of photos from from the walks and each of these lakes.

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