Thursday, December 13, 2012

you can still see the art nouveau here*

I have to hand it to Riga (capital of Latvia) it made me like it!

Driving in during the early evening with light snow falling, the multi span bridge over the Daugava river lit up with lights and a light fog hanging in the air it wasn't hard to feel like I was going to enjoy being here.

I found a great hostel very close to the old town and as soon as I had checked in I went off (as usual) for a brisk walk.

Quite brisk - as the temperature by this time was close to double digits in the minus!

Riga also is known for its wonderful Art Nouveau buildings of which a large number survived the ravages of two World Wars.

foggy arrival

riga city park

town centre

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

riga church

by the city stream

town centre


more nouveau



bored yet?

almost done

there that wasn't so so bad was it?

even better when the sun came out

another church

who says you have to have an angel on top of your tree?

I also took the opportunity to head out of Riga to a satellite town about 3 hours west called Kuldiga. It was an opportunity to see some of the rural landscape, and catch a glimpse of life in a smaller country town.

Kuldiga's main claim to fame is having the widest waterfall in Europe. It also has a lovely collection of very old timber dwellings which gives parts of the town an almost medieval quality.

kuldiga bridge

kuldiga winter scene

the waterfall!

old timber house

kuldiga high street

my hotel room (insert joke here!)

kuldiga's small town centre river

* A terrible play on words which refers to 'Jugendstil' the German for Art Nouveau!!

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