Friday, December 7, 2012

80 - and other numbers

Arriving in Riga marks the 80th country I have now been to.  

Not that this number means really anything significant - does spending a few days in a country mean you've really seen that country? Someone else could have spent 6 weeks in the same country and would say no. For those people who have spent 6 months or more living and travelling in that same country a few weeks is nothing. You see where I'm going?!  

But it does signify that I get around a fair bit!  

And so I thought I would add a few more numbers about this trip to this post.  

So far, since early July I have:  

19 countries visited -
12 for the first time.
48 cities stopped in -
44 for the first time.
65 different beds slept in.
1 dose of fleas irritated by.
2 nights scratching with bedbugs.
18 flights taken.
17 coach trips made.
12 trains ridden -
2 sleepers.
2  boats sailed in.
16 different currencies juggled with.
18 different languages not understood.
1 case of food poisoning survived.
237,956 places of worship (felt like I'd) visited.
14 new friends made.
6 old friends revisited.
49 museums enlightened by.
12 time changes confused by.
...innumerable new experiences experienced!

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