Tuesday, December 18, 2012

last new minus 22

By the time I had checked into my hostel in Tallinn around 2pm, checked email, moved to another room (my original room reeked of cigarettes despite the no-smoking policy) pondered whether to move back as this one stank of sewerage from the ensuite, decided to stay put as sewerage was preferable to 'full ashtray bouquet', unpacked and made ready to head out - it was already dark.

However in this part of the world at this time of the year they get about 2 minutes 45 seconds of daylight so I was getting used to it. What I am not getting used to however are temperatures of minus double digits.

Today, for example, it was minus 22deg.C. But when I first arrived it was only (!!!) minus 12.

Apart from the odours, and meeting a young man in the hallway at 3 in the afternoon who was so utterly inebriated he couldn't find his way to his room, and that my skylight window let flurries of snow in when closed, and some wretch stole my dinner and breakfast food out of the communal fridge, and a metal band's 'music' in the building next door reverberated throughout the hostel until they finished AT SIX AM on my first night, it wasn't too bad.

As I've said before - I can tolerate a lot as long as I get a hot shower and a good cup of coffee in the morning. Besides the hostel was less than 100 metres from the old town of Tallinn so location scores a lot of points.

Back to arriving. When I finally walked out of the hostel it was dark and I walked into the old town and found myself in the main square. I have to say it was utterly delightful! A bit corny - but it was like a Christmas card - with a beautiful Medieval town square, huge Christmas tree, light large-flake snow softly falling, locals milling around the Christmas market stalls and people singing carols on a stage!

For a first impression it was pretty damned good!

So Tallinn became my final 'first time' destination of this trip and was a fitting city to end an exciting and memorable trip in. I'm not done yet, but from here after I am going to visit friends in cities I've been to (many) times before.

tallinn old town square

night view

night again

and one more

hansa house

castle walls

tallinn church

this is how cold looks

14th C. house

tree house? not all old buildings!

love this view

you lookin' at me?

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Paul said...

Nice pics Terry. I recently noted Estonia as a beautiful Christmas destination and your photos have certainly confirmed that. Congratulations on reaching your 80th!