Friday, December 14, 2012

temporarily tartu

Entering my twentieth country on this trip, I stopped for a couple of nights in Estonias second largest city Tartu.

Apart from being Estonias oldest city it is also a big University town and this is immediately apparent from the large numbers of young people seen in town. Well...seen in cafes anyway.

At a loss for something to do I decided to do the 'tourist bureau walking route' taking in 47 of the city's highlights.

Don't get excited as they include quite a lot of statues and busts of people I've never heard of - one sculpture is a conversation between Oscar Wilde and an Estonian writer who NEVER MET EACH OTHER! The sculptures existence comes from the fact they share the same surname!! (It gives me ideas for lots of new sculpture work - I'm going to do one of Gene Kelly chatting to NED!)

Well at least it kept me occupied for an hour and a half.

tartu town hall

kissing statue

"pirogovi place is popular with students" (tartu guide) ...

local building

One of the hazards I recall from prior trips to Europe in winter are the sometimes giant icicles which form on the eaves of public buildings. Some grow to be 2 metres in length or more and can be 5 stories up in the air. The day before my very first visit to Oslo in the early '80's a woman was killed by one of these falling spears.

ice spears

ovehead danger

One of the city's sculptures "Father and Son" I found a little creepy.

creepy sculpture

view from toome hill

tartu river

the leaning house

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