Tuesday, September 11, 2012

la bella lalibela

It was fly in and fly out of Lalibela.

The major reason to visit here is the rock cut churches. Mind-blowing really. Ennui free here!

I only had a few hours to see the 12 churches. But they are all close together so it was surprisingly easy. Without rushing I visited them all within 3 hours, so I am quite glad I didn't spend three days her as originally planned. I am pleased I listened to the advice of the Ethiopian Airlines man who I bought my flights from "Three days? Oh no sir - you will be plenty bored."

Here are some pix:

st. george

st. george 2

proof i'm there

down at the base

church interior

another interior

lalibela church

another lalibela church

great ideas travel everywhere!

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Hannah said...

Woohoo, a little container love amidst all those historical churches. Love it!