Wednesday, September 12, 2012

gondar gander

Gondar, I was informed, had two things to see. One was the castle complex or Royal Enclosure (containing a mixture of castle like buildings, palaces and churches) - and a statue of Emperor Tewodros.

I found a cheap hotel about 100m from the Royal Enclosure entrance, and after checking in wandered down to check out the 'castles'   I had to wait half an hour whilst a ferocious thunder and hail storm rained down on the ruins, then, as often happened in the north, the sun came out for a few hours which was more than enough time to wander around the walled site and look at the various buildings.  

Whilst there it was amusing to stop and watch an Ethiopian pop video being filmed in front of one of the larger buildings.  

no. 1 in the making

my gondar local

The statue was in the middle of town so was hard to miss!

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