Saturday, October 11, 2014

mud and mirrors

Leaving Esfahan we caught a bus to Yazd which lies in the geographic centre of Iran in the desert.

It is one of my favourite places here, a small dry mud city full of winding streets, punctuated by old wooden doorways leading into equally old courtyards of crumbling mud houses. Mud archways span a lot of these alleys and lanes providing shade during the heat of the day. Yazd can get extremely hot in summer climbing over 40 in summer and dropping below zero in winter.

One of the unique things about Yazd is the abundance of badgirs, or windtowers, that are scattered across the town. These are designed to catch breezes and draw them down into the houses, cooling the air as it is drawn down, often exiting in the house over a pool of water to further cool the air. They also act as chimneys taking the hot air out.

We had a couple of lovely days here wandering the streets and alleyways. The visit was marred by the passing of Paul's grandmother, Nana Brown, a wonderful old lady full of grace and charm, who reached the not disappointing age of 97 remaining alert and agile until the last moment.

Below are a selection of some of the wonderful sights.


abandoned souq shop:

citadel walls:

dazzling mirrored mosaic mosque:

it's all done with mirrors:


our hotel courtyard:

palace garden:

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