Thursday, October 2, 2014

تولدت مبارک

Kashan was a short comfortable VIP coach ride from Tehran.

It was also where I was spending most of my birthday (having started it in Tehran.)

I really enjoyed this town - it was small enough to get around on foot and there were some lovely things to see which included mosques (naturally), a beautifully preserved hammam, several historic traditional houses (our hotel being one of them) and a short taxi ride away was one of the best old traditional Persian gardens in Iran.

Below are a selection of the (very) many photos we have of this charming town.

caravanserai roof:

our hotel:

our room:


birthday candle ritual kashan hammam rooftop:

boarded up window - a work of art!

finn gardens:

paul invited to play netball with students in a madressa (religious school) we wandered into by accident:

traditional house:

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