Thursday, October 16, 2014

liberace's bathroom

Crossed the (dry) river this morning to visit the Hamez Shrine.

Inside was a cacophony of dazzling light and reflections - very difficult to capture on camera, millions of tiny mirror fragments carefully arranged on every surface. Despite the irreverent reference to Liberace in the headline, it was simply beautiful inside.

From here we headed back across the river, through the bazaar to visit probably the most important place in Shiraz - the Shah Cheragh parts of which date back to the early 12th Century. Fundamentally a set of shrines and funerary monuments, the place is still actively used as places of worship.

If I thought the Hamez shrine was a knockout with mirrors, it pales in comparison to the Shah Cheragh.

Utterly breathtaking just about sums it up.

No one is permitted to bring cameras or bags inside this complex, but we had read that phone cameras were allowed. We were also told that permission for foreigners is often denied. But as both Paul and I opted not to bring our phones with us on this trip I carried my old Nokia on the off chance I would get a chance to use it.

Not only did we get in and snap some phone pix but Paul revisited and managed to snap a couple of extra photos on the small camera.

(Again, the photos do not do it justice.)

abandoned small mosque within the complex:

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