Wednesday, July 11, 2007

post colonial post from a post colonial outpost

I wanted to like Belize City, if only to reject the guide books assertion that the only good thing about B.C. according to tourists, was leaving it.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I caught an early local bus from Mexico this morning. It stopped every 12 metres to pick up people. I ended up with half a child in my lap for several hours (don't worry it was still joined to its other half which was on mum) and an eccentric' (ie crazy) person in the seat in front.

It was a sloooooooooow trip.

I have found a great room upstairs in a private house. The owner is a lovely woman from Honduras who left there 30 years ago because it was too dangerous. No air-con but it has 3 (three!!) fans in the bedroom. I think I might have to tie myself down on the bed tonight to make sure I dont get blown away.

Tomorrow I am heading for San Ignacio on the Guatemala border. I hope, really hope, I manage to get one of the 1st class aircon busses that they mention in the guide book.

Maybe I should go back and buy one of the candles from the supermarket. (see below)

went shopping and saw these candles. Didnt need any divine light

didn't like the sound of these. I did see two products in Mexico I thought looked interesting: 'bimbo' and 'gary'

not much to do so I stopped and chatted to these ladies playing gin rummy in a backstreet. They were very friendly and asked me to join in. I didn't.

old building characteristic of BC

harbour view

Brisbane? No Belize City.

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