Tuesday, July 10, 2007


we took a break from Havana for a few days and went to Trinidad which lies south east of Havana on the south coast and is washed by the Carribean. It turned out to be a very small town with not a lot going on. So one day we took off to the beach and went snorkelling. I haven't ever done much of this before so I was very excited to be amongst the fish and other marine wriggly things which I am sure have their own names. I tried several times to dive down to confront some ferocious tiddler face to face - but they were all too damn quick. Much better was to float as if lifeless on the water surface and let them come to you. There were fish of every colour imaginable and it has awakened the desire in me to try scuba diving. A friend who also has a blog does a fair bit of diving and I have been a bit inspired by his pix and stories.

Another day we took horses up into the hills and jungle and then hiked further on to a small but refreshing waterfall.

Sadly, those two items taken care of there was little else to do bar drink coffee and sit in air-conditioning wherever we could find it.

Trinidad vignette no.1: we were walking home down a typically Spanishy cobbled streeet around 8 in the evening when we realised the streets were unusually quiet. The previous evening the streets were full of promenaders and activity. As the Cubans traditionally sit in their houses with the doors and windows wide open, we soon discovered almost the entire town was glued to the same tv channel and were watching an obviously popular soap. The sound from the tv was echoing all over the town wherever we walked. It was like being in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Trinidad vignette no.2: Out walking, Shane and I were approached by an animated young man carrying a small bird in a wooden cage. He soon asked if we were interested in a good restaurant. No thank you we said we have just eaten. Oh, well I have some nice Cuban cigars. Um no, we don`t smoke. Do you want a taxi? You go Habana? Cienfuegos? Vinales? Sancta Spiritus? No thanks we are just out walking. Hm, You like nice Cuban chicas? I know most beyoootiful chica in whole mondo, I get you. Very good for ******* (to which he then added a very graphic and energetic charade of what we could do with said Chicas) No thank you very much we are simply walking.
He then stopped, thought a minute and then said... you wanna buy a bird?

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