Saturday, July 14, 2007

number 60

well I walked from one country this morning to another. I made sure I had a good breakfast first.

walking over the border bridge between Belize & Guatemala

I am now on a little island in a lake in northern Guatemala - so little in fact that when I went to look for a bank at lunchtime I circumnavigated it without realising.

It has quite a history attached to it but I am not going to tell you about it. You are really here just to look at the pictures go on admit it.

The trip from San Ignacio was in a collectivo: a microbus (like a tarago) where they managed to squeeze 25 people in. No livestock or childrens body parts so it was all quite respectable albeit cramped. I just plugged in my mp3 and lost myself in some Jan Garbarek accompanying the Hilliard Ensemble, and gazed at the rainforest.

Flores market from inside a tuk-tuk

There is very little to do here except eat - so I found a cafe and had a long lunch - about 2.5 hours.

my lunch spot

a street on Flores

the lake

another killer shower

Guatemala is the 60th country in the world I have now been to.

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