Friday, October 4, 2013

prambanam perambulations

On this day we took a local bus for about 30 cents which took us about 18kms outside Yogyakarta to the temples of Prambanam - probably the second most well known temples in Java.

We bought a combined ticket to these temples and the ruins of the palace of Ratu Boko which are located high up on a hill overlooking the plains of Yogykarta. The ticket included a shuttle bus to and from Ratu Boko which was very convenient for those of us without our own vehicle.

We went up to Ratu Boko first for a couple of hours, which is preferable as the ruins are not as spectacular as Prambanam.

After we returned by shuttle to Prambanam and spent the rest of the day exploring these temples and that of Candi Sewu which was within walking distance and in the same temple park. This latter temple is still under restoration and Paul and I were the only people there.

Ratu Boko:

rice paddies from ratu boko


Candi Sewu:

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