Sunday, October 6, 2013

jogja memory

Today we spent in Yogyakarta (often referred to as Jogja) visiting the Taman Sari aka The Water Palace - a rather grandiose title as it was a fairly unexciting concrete building of uncertain age and poorly maintained. It could easily have been constructed in the last 30 years and genuinely looks FAR better in the photos than actuality!

The nearby Kraton and Sultans Palace were similarly poorly kept and were characterised by broad sweeping canopied wooden structures (as are most of the other palaces). Lack of photos is a reflection of their aesthetic merits!!

We also ventured about 7 kms south east of the city centre to an area known at Kota Gede - the capital of ancient Islamic Mataram kingdom. Here almost by chance we found some old traditional Javanese houses but again not terribly picturesque. The area is badly signposted and even with the wonders of Google - we were hard pressed to find out where points of interest were actually located.

The most exciting thing, we thought, to be found in Kota Gede was a grand private residence called Omah Kalang which a neighbour informed us was owned by a very wealthy man from Borneo, one Rudy Pesik. As such we were unable to see inside, so a photo of part of the roof and the street side enclosing wall is all we have.

water palace:

sultan's palace:

kota gede:

old building

omah kalang house

omah kalang house

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