Saturday, October 6, 2012

kif from rif

Just when I was starting to doubt I would find a really enjoyable place in Morocco - I stumble upon a pleasant little town in the hills in the north of the country.

Called Chefchaouen, it lies in the Rif Mountains about 4 hours directly north of Fez. Nestled into a couple of small mountains that help give it its name ("the horns") - the town is distinctly visible from afar due to the abundance of pale blue white-washed buildings.

It has also become popular with potheads due to locally grown weed. So the place is full of 21st century hippies and Bob Marley aficionados.

Still, it's a charming place and about half the price of all the other major destinations I have visited here. Too bad I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow!

not a wise choice for a vego - I thought it said 'pleasant flavour'

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Mike said...

If you got there two weeks earlier you could have waved to us in Spain.

It looks a bit like the Spanish town of Juzcar: