Thursday, October 11, 2012

alhambra at last

Back in January 1982 I was on a Eurrail train trip around Europe with a school friend. We had travelled south from the UK through Paris to northern Spain, and then down through Portugal to Lisbon, with the plan being to travel around the south of Spain up to Barcelona and into the south of France.

The great mosque at Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada were very high on the list of things to see.

Unfortunately my travel companion became incredibly homesick and I felt responsible for getting him back to London to fly home. Once I had him safely back to Paris and on the Paris-London train/ferry combo I didn't feel inclined to travel all the way back to the south of Spain so instead decided to try out Scandinavia. This started a lifelong affair with that part of the world so all in all it wasn't a bad thing!

So I missed out on seeing the Alhambra and Great Mosque.

But here I am thirty years later finally making good on that old desire!

Below is a selection of some of the many photos I took.

A few snaps from around Granada:

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