Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the piles of my egoistic

A work friend has recently returned from Syria and whilst browsing her photos I was reminded of my visit to Bosra, a small town south of Damascus near the border with Jordan. It has an amazingly well preserved Roman amphitheatre but what really captured my attention was the visitors sign in the centre of town.

(click photo for larger view)


Ginny said...

Dear Terry
My sister-in -law translated this for me and said
'Egoistic' is archaeological, so the walls, doors and piles are respectively fortifications, gates and columns. 'A firewood' is a petrol station, fuel being the central concept I guess and 'a centre he was become clear' is a medical centre. 'He knelt down and wardrobes' was a bit more tricky but Linda finally settled on public baths as the most likely translation. My xmas present to you have a great festive season and a cheerful new year.

TC said...

Thanks V - certainly good to finally get a more realistic translation! Happy holiday season to you too - hopefully catch up with you sometime early next year. T.