Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ta ta tatev

Today was a long day as we were driving to Tatev Monastery which is more than 250kms South East of Yerevan. In addition we were stopping off at Noravank Monastery which was close to halfway to Tatev.

The scenery long the way was a little tedious - fairly flat and very dry for much of the way.

We turned off the main road into a small canyon, the scenery improved immediately and Noravank appeared high up (as with most Armenian monasteries) on the hillside about 6kms down the road. 

And as with most Armenian monasteries, its best perspective is from a distance!

A couple of hours drive later and we arrived at Tatev. Its popularity is reflected in the long queue to buy a ticket on the world longest cable car ride to get to it.

Tatev was undecorated inside and slightly larger than Noravank and, again, looked better from a distance.

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