Wednesday, September 24, 2014

brillo bukhara

We are now into our third day in Bukhara.

Another delightful Uzbekistan old city full of tiled mosques and madressas (religious schools) where we have scoured the city's sites at leisure.

In the centre of the old city lies Lyab-i Hauz, a water reservoir like pond with ancient mulberry trees around its perimeter, some reputedly over 500 years old.

It is hot here like Khiva, but sitting around Lyab-i Hauz is surprisingly cool even in the middle of the day.

Our hotel is quite luxurious by our normal standards and is about 50 metres from the cooling pond in the old city centre.

Below are a selection of photos from the 300 or so we have taken here so far!

The day after tomorrow we are heading into Turkmenistan so uncertain of internet there.

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