Thursday, August 16, 2012

the happy hiker pt 3

vigne glacier near ali camp

nam, terry and miles at the top of gondogoro la pass

pre-dawn descent

terry pre descent

heading down

safely down

en route to xhuspang camp

laila peak

gondogoro and mashabrum glacier merge

glacier surface

happy hiker

mashabrum glacier panorama

en route to shaiescho camp

terry and mountains

stream crossing

narrow path - steep drop

ridge walk

another stream to cross

shaiescho camp

celebratory safe crossing dance

terry joins in

sunset from shaiescho camp

miles on the bridge

en route to hushe camp

and another bridge

village near hushe

and another

hushe local

hushe kids

Trek over!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are brave! Very Nice Photoes. Look forward to here more in december. Love Terje and the boyz

Hannah said...

Absolutely stunning, sounds like an amazing journey and worth it for views of this landscape. Just gorgeous - not sure of the urban experiences of your trip, not so attractive, BYOS - bring your own sustanance.