Thursday, July 26, 2012

lounging in luang

Luang Prabang really is a lovely little town in central northern Laos.
My second days ride on the boat was really pleasant - bigger boat, less people and great weather.

mekong river ride

mekong river view

Arriving in L.P. I immediately felt certain I would like the place. Being off season it is relatively quiet tourist wise, but the weather is completely unpredictable. Yesterday it rained almost the entire day. Fortunately I have given myself about four days here to wander the streets and visit the temples.

The town is very well kept, tidy and neat with beautiful buildings and back lanes.

luang laneway


There is also an abundance of temples scattered around the town. I have enjoyed wandering around the town (when it isn't raining) getting a feel for the place. I've visited a few of the temples but you can tire quite quickly from them. Yesterday afternoon I went into one of them for the afternoon chanting by the monks. The sonorous drone in the humid and darkened hall was quite mesmerising. Half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

view from temple

temple doors


national museum rooftop

chanting monks


Hannah said...

What a peaceful, harmonious setting. So serene, it looks like heaven.

Have a chant for us!
H & K @ Cottonwood Meadow

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