Friday, March 19, 2010

bergen by bicycle

Here are a few more photos from the slide scanner. These are from one of my first visits to Norway - a country I have now been to innumerable times and feel a close affinity to. (Perhaps I was a viking in a past life?!!)

This was part of the 1986 Cycling-Europe trip I did with one of my closest friends Paul. Norway was the first time we had to ride on the opposite side of the road that we were used to.

The ferry over from the north of England took over 24 hours to get to Bergen on the West coast of Norway.(Sadly there is no longer a ferry service between the UK and Norway) The trip hit some fairly rough water and Paul was as sick as a dog. People really do look green when sea sick!

We were exceptionally fortunate to meet 3 great Norwegians on the ferry who were returning to Bergen after a driving holiday in the UK. So while Paul spent the night upchucking, I sat up and chatted with our new friends for the entire night.

We were then invited to stay with them, and they spent a week entertaining us and showing us their city. They have remained extremely good friends ever since.

beautiful stave church near bergen later deliberately burnt down.

boatshed near bergen

fjord near bergen

paul waiting for a small ferry to take us across the fjord

cycling rest stop midway across norway - this days ride was over 200kms

landscape between bergen and oslo

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