Monday, November 23, 2009

less than you think

I know there are those of you out there who quietly think to themselves that I must have a secret Lotto winnings- or at the very least an inheritance of some sort in order to be able to travel so often.

Sadly, this is not the case. It comes down to careful budgeting and going without.

It's all about priorities.

When I travel I don't stay in 5 star (or even 4 or 3 for that matter) accommodation, however in all hostels I DO make sure I have my own room. Sometimes with private bathroom.

I also travel reasonably comfortably whenever possible. So a $10 shuttle bus with 8 other backpackers for 45 minutes is preferable to a 4 hour local bus trip packed to the ceiling with locals, goats and sacks of rice for $1.20.

I have just finished going through the 'expenses' section of my travel journal. This is where I tally ALL of my spending (down to an ice cream here or a local bus there). It comes in useful as I am often able to claim much of my travel as a tax deduction.

The TOTAL cost of my 6 weeks in South America including the return airfare, a return flight to Easter Island from Santiago (6 hours each way), 5 internal flights plus ALL spending money and accommodation, comes to:

AU $4,817.70

So please don't ever tell me you can't afford to go on holidays!

(* Sorry, I tried to de-smug the post, I guess I get a little tired of people telling me I'm "so lucky" to be able to travel, when luck has absolutely nothing to do with it!!)

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