Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well more hiking after Torres del Paine - this time I took a bus over the border back into Argentina to Los Glaciaros National Park. Here I only managed two hikes as the third day was predicted torrential rain so I left and returned to El Calafate.

The first walk was to a glacier and lake and was relatively easy. Six hours return to Laguna Torres and apart from a steep climb out of El Chalten, the town that was my base, the rest of the walk was following the glacial river.

laguna torres

mini icebergs on laguna torres

some more and the glacier in the background

The second walk was murder! Eight hours return, which started out with a beautiful sunny day, but by the time I reached the halfway point Mt FitzRoy, snow had begun to fall and the wind had picked up and was getting stronger by the minute. Oddly, with the snow falling, much of the time I was still in sunshine.

After 4 hours I reached the base of the climb up to the Laguna de Los Tres - the furthest point of the walk. This climb was extremely steep on rock and moraine strewn slopes. As I climbed higher the wind got stronger and whipped the snow into my face like needles.

About a third of the way to the top the track became completely covered in snow and ice making it quite dangerous considering the wind. I have never hiked in wind that strong before. Several times I was almost blown off the path into the snow.

I reached the top and went through the snow as far as the last human footprints went. Thought it advisable to stop there and descend again!

Coming down was even more difficult. I was well and truly knackered when I got back to the hostel.

But the scenery made it worthwhile.

after the first climb out of El Chalten

fitzroy showing part of herself

terry and fitzroy

tit ice cream shop - i´m definitely having the sorbet

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Amandine and Antoine said...

Hi Terry,

we hope your return in reality wasn't too difficult! But "stupid thing", next subject (!!) : did you enjoy the huge Perito Moreno?
Sorry, we left sooner from El Chalten because of money... And we didn't have the time to tell you Goodbye!

It was nice to meet you,
See you in an other country!

Amandine and Antoine