Friday, January 9, 2009


Now is as good a time as any to begin thinking about my next trip.

There are about a dozen potential plans sitting quietly in the back of my head - it's a matter of deciding which are the most desirable/practical/logical.

Kilimanjaro was a good example of all three. At my advancing age I seriously need to consider which places require greater physical stamina than others - and do them first! The Trans - Siberian rail trip has been on the back burner for years - but lets face it - I could be loaded onto a train in a hospital bed in my 90's to do a 10 day rail trip.

But I think I have settled on the next choice: Iran.

These images helped convince me!

(photo from here)

history (palace of persepolis)

islamic architecture (nasir-ol-molk_mosque shiraz)

mountains to climb (mt. damarvand)

Well - the idea has been planted - let's see what this year brings!


Gondwayne said...

Can I go with you? I'd love to visit Iran.


Ginny said...

Hey, way to go by the look of the stimulous material, guess you'll be back at the old factory in 09 at least for a bit!