Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kili day four

wed. 1st october 2008

Last night we camped on the edge of a ravine. It looked right down the side of Kilimanjaro so that we could quite clearly see the lights of Moshi far below.

Last night it rained a little and then began to hail.

This morning we had to climb what the guides call "breakfast wall" - a very steep climb up out of the valley we were in, where it was necessary to use both hands to scale the rocks. (I began chatting to a guy behind me and discovered Peter lives just streets away from me in Rushcutters Bay!)

We walked 8kms to Karanga Valley (3,930m)where we stopped for lunch.

Then another 3 hours to Barafu (4,600m) for the nights camp.

We arrived at 4pm and had an hours nap.

At five we were served dinner, took 2 sleeping pills and slept until 11.30pm.

At midnight we downed a cup of tea and two biscuits and set off for the 6-7 hour climb to the summit.

Our guide had fallen asleep the night before with his head torch on and ran out the batteries. So he had to borrow mine for the climb. This meant I had to try and follow in Neils footsteps all the way up. This made it especially difficult.

glacier at the top

neil setting off for the summit

view of the crater at the summit

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David said...

I met Neil and Terry at several points on the mountain and summited on the same day. Here are a few photos from my climb.