Wednesday, October 22, 2008


diving has been a blast.

I've taken to it like a to..err

Anyway, I have now completed 12 dives, 6 in the north at Nungwi - the very northern most tip of Zanzibar (BTW the post heading is a diving joke)and the other 6 off the coast of Stonetown, the capital city of this small but historically important island.

I left Neil to fly home at Kilimanjaro airport and flew direct to Zanzibar, heading straight to Nungwi. As soon as I arrived and had lunch, the dive centre started me on the dive theory. More study?

back to school

The following morning I was in the water practicing my fin pivots, BCD underwater removal, signing, etc etc. By the end of the 3rd full day I had passed the course.

getting in the BCD can be tricky

ready to go

out the front of my bungalow

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