Saturday, September 22, 2007

there's a track leading back...

... from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair to be precise.

Cradle Mtn.

Lake St. Clair.

Itchy feet have meant that I impulsively booked a return flight to Tasmania for next Saturday for 2 weeks. I am mainly going to walk the Overland Track , probably Australia's most famous walking trail. It runs up and down from Cradle Mountain finishing by Lake St. Clair 6 days later.

It will be very cold and very wet. I need to take a tent, sleeping bag and mat, cooking equipment and all my food.

Track profile

The walk is only 65 kms and doesn't appear to be too difficult - the hardest day is the first and involves a 400 metre climb which isn't very hard to do. (The second day of the Inca Trail that I did in 1998 involved climbing from 2,800 metres to 4,200 metres in rarified air.)

In fact the walk could easily be done in 4 days, but there are quite a few side excursions to various scenes of natural beauty, so there is no point rushing. After all I am there to experience the scenery not to break any records.

I'm just itching to get back into some nature.

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seymour said...

I helped lay that track back in the late 80's! A wonderful experience is coming your way!