Sunday, May 27, 2007

new camera

Yeah - I have a new camera too.

Its a Pentax Optimo M30 - 7.1 Mp with a 4Gb memory card. The memory card, which by the way is the size of a small postage stamp, is 4 times the size of the hard drive from my first desktop computer in 1997.

The camera is about the size of a pack of playing cards but around 3/4 the thickness.

It has a manual that is about 4 times its size and 8 times its weight!
On the cover it says "To ensure the best performance from your camera, please read the Operating Manual before using the camera."

It is 186 pages long. I cant remember the last time I read a novel that long.

It has some snazzy functions - it has a setting for making food look more appetising, and kids complexions look rosier. ( does)

So I am currently playing around with it so I know how to use it when away.

I have just taken 4 photos from my balcony. I also have a "photo-stitcher" programme which I hadn't attempted to use yet. So I tried the 'automatic' stitch function on these balcony shots and this is the result:

(click for larger view)

Not too bad considering there is no tweaking. The extreme left hand photo has very distorted perspective - but that is more my fault in the photo-taking than the stitcher.

HERE is a website with some great stitched panorama examples.

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