Tuesday, October 16, 2007

some more photos

(**click pix for larger fix)

launceston airport - no carousel here for luggage - it comes out on a string of trollies and everyone rushed them like january sales.

very english looking houses in lonny.

more lonny gorge.

gorge again.

told ya.

cradle mountain - can you see the man and the hut?

waterfall valley hut - looks pretty eh? (pretty bloody cold).

from inside the hut, snow easing off.

looking a bit sans-gorm here.

up on pelion gap with the sun out.

snowing again.

the snow has a way of 'flattening' the landscape. Visual depth is lost.

snow is quite deep on the track here.

heading towards the rainforest.

track near pine valley hut.

snow falling again.

view by Narcissus hut.

east coast - eaglehawks neck.

how green was the valley - port arthur.

coles bay sunrise.

freycinet panorama.

freycinet rocks heading up to wineglass bay lookout.

wineglass bay.

near hazards beach.

terry - just for scale.

ben lomond and pastures.

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